Volunteer House Construction

Volunteer House Construction Project

Purpose: To create safe, convenient and comfortable accommodations for volunteers who dedicate their time and expertise to our cause, cutting on costs they would otherwise incur trying to get one.


Our organization and the projects it does for the community fully depends on the input from volunteers. Our volunteers, both local and international, play a pivotal role in our mission. However, the challenges the volunteers face, especially in terms of accommodation hinder their ability to contribute fully.

Challenges Volunteers Face

Distance and Transportation Costs

Many of our local volunteers have to walk long kilometers to reach the center (they cannot afford transportation), which is not only physically exhausting but also costly. The daily struggle to reach the center can sometimes discourage them from volunteering consistently.

Harsh Living Conditions

Some of our local volunteers come from homes with harsh living conditions, making it even more challenging for them to dedicate their time to volunteer work. Having a dedicated volunteer house would offer them a safe, comfortable, and supportive environment

High Accommodation Costs

International volunteers, who come from around the world to support us, are forced to book hotels or rent houses, incurring significant expenses. These costs discourage them from providing volunteer services for extended periods

The Impact of a Dedicated Volunteer House


A dedicated volunteer house will be strategically located inside the center, eliminating the long and exhausting walks for our local volunteers. This not only saves them money on transportation but also ensures they can volunteer more consistently.

Safe Haven

For local volunteers facing harsh living conditions, the volunteer house would provide a safe haven—a place where they can find comfort, support, and a conducive environment to prepare for their volunteer work.

Cost Savings

For our international volunteers, having a dedicated house means they won't need to spend money on hotels or rentals. This will encourage them to volunteer for longer durations, maximizing their impact

Access to Essentials

The volunteer house will be equipped with essential amenities, including access to clean water, nutritious meals, and electricity. These provisions ensure that our volunteers can focus on their work and the children's well-being without worrying about daily necessities.

Community Integration

This project will also benefit the local community by providing short-term employment opportunities, aiding them in earning a livelihood.

Why it is Urgent

Volunteers are our lifeline: Running the activities of the organization sustainably requires massive input from volunteers and they need to be well catered for and motivated to do their duties effectively. A dedicated volunteer house will be a game-changer . Therefore, we truly need your help.

Total Estimated Cost of the Volunteer House Construction Project

Based on the comprehensive project specifications and cost estimates provided by our experienced and trusted contractor, the cost would be

GRAND TOTAL - US$ 13,500 ( Materials US$ 10,125 and Labor Charge US$ 3,375)

Your support for this project will not only alleviate the challenges faced by our dedicated volunteers but also enhance the quality of care and education we provide to our children. Together, we can create a welcoming home for our volunteers and a brighter future for our children


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