Water Drilling Project

Purpose: To ensure that children from remote and disadvantaged communities have access to quality education, breaking down the barriers that distance and lack of transportation pose.


Our organization strives to provide education to the most vulnerable children who are at risk of lack of access to quality education due to their backgrounds. Majority of these children are found in the most interior and remote areas, making it difficult for them to come to the center or attend the schools that offer quality education. Some of this children miss to come to the center on some days because they cannot afford transportation while others arrive too tired to focus when in school. A school minibus would enable us to reach them and ease the struggle regarding distance.

The school minibus would enable:

Equal Access to Education:

It levels the playing field, giving every child an equal chance to learn and succeed. Children who once had to navigate challenging terrain, long distances on foot will now have a safe and convenient means to reach our center.

Quality Learning

Enabling them to arrive at school fresh and on time will enhance the quality of their learning experience. No more fatigue from long walks or exposure to harsh weather.

Community Empowerment

Your support for this project goes beyond education. It empowers entire communities by encouraging a culture of learning and ambition, one child at a time. The parents can be more productive at work to provide for their families instead of struggling to get the children to school.

Improved Attendance

With reliable transportation, students will no longer face the daunting journey to school, leading to improved attendance rates and more consistent learning.

Increased volunteering

The bus will encourage more volunteers to join us since transportation will no longer be a problem.

Why it is Urgent

The minibus isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity: Each day without it is a missed opportunity and a setback in the race for quality education and a brighter future.

Estimated Cost of the School Minibus Bus Acquisition

After conducting a lot of research to facilitate cost-effective acquisition of the bus, we found that the purchase of the school minibus would cost:

GRAND TOTAL - US$ 12,870

This minibus will be able to carry an average of 18 children per trip and will truly ease transportation for the center. This includes carrying the volunteers, food stuffs and materials to the center and even taking the children on trips once in a while to make them all-rounded people. Can you believe 99% of these children have never been on a safari, zoo, outside the village or seen any of these wild animals in their country? We would also be able to transport them to nearest hospitals in case of emergencies.


BENEFICIARY NAME: Tanzania Dreams Organization

BENEFICIARY BANK NAME: Diamond Trust BankTanzania Ltd, (DTB Arusha)

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