Community Support

The Organization for Tanzania Dreams (OTD) is a dedicated nonprofit organization that has been making a significant impact in Tanzania through its various community support initiatives.

English Language and Professional Skills

During the evenings, we offer English language and professional skills classes to our community members. Proficiency in English is crucial for job seekers in Tanzania, where approximately 75% miss out on employment opportunities due to language barriers. Moreover, English proficiency is increasingly vital on the international stage. These classes empower our community to compete in the job market and engage globally.

Sports for Kids

Our sports programs, particularly football, engage and inspire the youth in our community, instilling values such as teamwork, discipline, and a healthy lifestyle.

Future Projects ( under community support)

We’re thrilled about our upcoming projects, including:

Tailoring and Sewing Classes for Women

Empowering women with sewing and tailoring skills enhances their economic independence and self-confidence. This project will enable them to generate income, support their families, and serve as role models for their children and peers.

Art Classes

Our art classes will nurture creativity and self-expression, fostering personal growth and self-discovery in our community members.

Computer Literacy Classes

In today's digital age, computer literacy is an indispensable skill that unlocks various opportunities, from accessing information to securing employment. These classes will equip individuals with essential digital skills

Joining Hands To Help The Children

Some Outstanding Programs

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