Sponsor a child

A sponsorship provides the child/student with educational materials, health insurance, school uniforms, hot nutritious meals and a safe clean environment with access to electricity and clean water- everything required for a successful educational impact!

Sponsor a child to support their right to go to school

Your support is making a difference in their life.

Sponsor a child, and your donations support that child

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Sole Sponsor

A sole sponsorship covers 100% of the student’s scholarship.

US$ 120/Month

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Co- Sponsor

As a co-sponsor, you would cover 50% of the student’s scholarship.

US$ 60/ Month

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Shared Sponsor

A shared sponsorship would cover 25% of the child’s scholarship.

US$ 30/ Month

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Class Sponsor

You will become a part of a group of sponsors that cater to a full class of students.

US$ 120/Month

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Why sponsor a child?

Sponsorship provides access to education, healthcare, and nutrition, fostering a brighter future and a personal connection with the child.

Your support breaks the cycle of poverty by empowering children to thrive and be self sufficient

Sponsoring a child brings joy, empathy, and a sense of community.